What is Music Memories LIVE?


To assist people, especially the aged population, in bringing back fond memories related to music, even assisting the general memory function itself, and also engaging them in the songs themselves through sing-alongs. Utilizing my musical abilities on various instruments, like guitar and harmonica, as well as singing, in an eclectic collection of musical selections, will accomplish this. The 2nd part of my business is to supply Officiator Services to those in need of assistance with their “Celebration of Life” for loved ones who have passed away, through skills learned in my pastoral & counselor training, as well as my empathetic heart derived from personal experiences.


My Vision for this company is to be the “go to” person for Senior Entertainment in the City of London and the surrounding area. This will eventually include me becoming an Agent for various local Entertainers.   Also, to be the first name thought of when wanting to make the best of a bad situation when dealing with the death of a loved one, through a Celebration of their life to comfort their family & friends, and to promote good “music memories” through a live performance. The increase in the amount of Senior citizens in our local population with the “Baby Boomer” generation reaching retirement age and beyond, my experience with their music and even their generational upbringing, as I am a “Boomer” myself, inspires me to use my entertainer abilities to help alleviate the challenges of getting older and losing what we often take for granted; our memories and friends. I have experienced the joy of watching a smile come across a face as people remember songs, and especially as they join in with the singing. Often times this is also connected with tears of joy.



Business License # 241155100

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