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  1. Hi Activity Director


    I’ve heard this entertainer myself and can recommend him.

    Steve “Zak” Isaac
    Steve may contact you, or already has.

    * Experienced singer, guitarist, harmonica, autoharp, yodeler
    * Plays guitar & harmonica together, plays guitar & sings together
    * Country music, folk, ‘older’ pop music, gospel, Christmas
    * Engaging presentation – uses great audience rapport, humour, short stories to keep audience involved.

    * Steve is also an active church minister (pulpit supply) and can also provide hymn sings, church services, weddings & funerals.

    Steve’s business name is “Music Memories LIVE”
    Steve may use the stage name “Zak” for convenience & flair!

    Contact Steve:
    (519) 868-LIVE (5483)

    I receive no funds for recommending Steve. Totally your option whether you contact him or not.



    Gloria Whitelaw
    Music For Your Occasion

  2. Ron Hampton says:

    Have enjoyed Steve’s music many times in person and regularly listen to his CD of hymns obviously chosen for their meaning. Always a blessing. Steve and I have sung many duets as I’ve driven along on my own. Thanks for causing me to sing Steve.

  3. Barbara McMaster says:

    As an occupational therapist with extensive experience in geriatrics and particularly long term care, I recognize and appreciate the vital role that music plays in quality of life. Steve Isaac brings a unique talent and vocal quality along with many gifts that he has in playing a variety of instruments. He is personable and uses laughter for the soul as a healing tool in his music ministry. He would be an asset to any program and comes highly recommended.

  4. Kevin Cole says:

    Always a joy to hear Steve and his Gospel Music. His CD “A PICTURE OF JESUS” has been on my laptop/MAY PLAYER and now in my truck ..Listened to very often.
    God Bless

  5. Marlene Felsing says:

    Steve Isaac; Sold out to Jesus, encourager, holds a place in so many hearts, passionate and gifted musician, the last not being the least.

  6. Brenda Done says:

    Steve performed at People Care Oakcrossing, London Ontario to help us celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday. His warmth, humor and musical talent delighted all in the audience! Thank you Steve for sharing your “gifts” and brightening the day for so many seniors.

  7. April Chappell says:

    Steve played for the residents in the condo building where I live. We enjoyed him very much and I have been told to be sure to invite him back.

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